Refund Policy


We aim to deliver quality products and response to the most satisfaction to our customers. If there is
any issue, please contact us via
Refund policy

The request must send to the email within 48 hours after the purchasing. When
the request was verified, the refund will be return to the payment channel within 30 business days.

Customer can request for the refund for these following cases
– There is a wrong file and it not the same as the description, illustration in the catalog
– There is a wrong file type with cannot open on your software
– There is a mistake that cause the file cannot be opened or download.
– Customer purchase the wrong product. In this case, customer needs to return the wrong
product first in order to make a refund request

We are unable to refund in these following cases
– The refund request was sent to after 48 hours of purchasing.
– Customer isn’t satisfied in the product. In this case, customer must already consider the details
of the product both description and illustration.
If there is any further question about product, please contact us via

When you request the refund to, please specify subject as request for refund and
provide your purchasing number and reason for refunding.

After we get the refund request, we validate it within 14 business days and the customer will receive
refund through the purchasing channel within business days after the request validation.

When you have already get the refund, you will unable to download or use the product’s digital file. All
products were protected by laws and policies of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and any
other intellectual properties. Any authorization that you received from purchasing product will be